Find answers to your burning questions about the Nixie Watch here.
How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts at least four months with daily use. It ought to be replaced every year even if the watch is not used regularly, as the timekeeping logic does use up the battery.

Will the case scratch easily?

No, the case is hard-anodized aluminum. I've been wearing the watch that's pictured on the website daily for over 5 years, and it has just a few tiny specks of bare metal showing through the black.

What about broken tubes?

The tubes may break if the watch is dropped on a hard surface. I will replace the tubes for $30 each plus return postage.

Is the crystal face tough?

I've banged my watch against all sorts of stuff and only scratched the crystal a couple times. The only broken one I've seen was on a watch that The Woz wore while playing Segway polo.

Can I take my Nixie Watch on an airplane?

I haven't had any reports of people having trouble getting through airport screening while wearing a Nixie watch. All the internal components are readily visible to the security personnel, so it's easy to inspect.

Will you sell me a kit or the bare PC board or the case?

Sorry, I only sell assembled and tested watches. It is much more difficult to package and ship a kit with all the tiny parts. Also, assembly of the watch requires the use of several fixtures and special equipment such as a microscope.

Do you work with dealers?

The Cathode Corner pricing structure isn't well-suited to dealers, as my margins are pretty thin as is. This allows me to sell to the widest audience, not just the high end.

How big is Cathode Corner/Nixiewatch.com?

Cathode Corner is just myself, who also has a wife and kids and a part-time job at the local University. I'm responsible for R&D, purchasing, shipping and everything in between. So if I take a while to get back to you, feel free to send a reminder email.